2-B-140 @ The Bedroom

What is up everyone? Welcome back to the fourfourjunkie podcast. Here is a mix that was inspired by a very good friend and his love of 140 bpm he says it just gives it that certain vibe, do you agree?
This Trance Music mix is a refreshing blend of Progressive Trance, and Progressive PsyTrance that will provide you with all the essential elements you need to get that body moving, them feet dancing, and that Poi flowing!


“I do not have much in my life, but take it, its yours.”
From everyone here at fourfourjunkie.com Thanking all the ears that hear these mixes.

2-B-140 @ The Bedroom – Dj Mix

2-B-140 is a Trance Mix compiled by your friendly neighborhood fourfourjunkie. Featuring music by I-Ching, Humate,  Tastexperience, and many more!

Enjoy The Mix?

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2-B-140 Mixed @ The Bedroom By FourFourJunkie

2-B-140 by Fourfourjunkie on Mixcloud

Playlist Time/Info

01.  00:00 – I-Ching featuring Dj Patrick Reid – Soulstorm

02.  06:39 – Humate – Choose Life (Thomas Schumache Remix)

03.  11:55 – Vengeance – Explain (Denga vs Manus Mix)

04.  18:05 – Suntree – Unseen (Original Mix)

05.  24:03 – Tastexperience – Summersault (Barry Jay Remix)

06.  30:43 – Scott Bond Vs Solarstone – 3rd Earth (Original Mix)

07.  37:24 – Ritmo – Check One (Original Mix)

08.  42:05 – Fei Fei – Ender (Preach Remix)

09.  46:40 – Jaia – Epsilon (Original Mix)

10. 51:54 –  Ritmo – Disharmonic Silence (Original Mix)

11.  56:33 – Solaris Vibe – Circulation of Life