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Aqua De Limon

Aqua De Limon @ The Bedroom

What is up everyone? Welcome back to the fourfourjunkie podcast. Here is a mix that was inspired by two very good friends. This Electronic Dance Music mix is a refreshing citrus blend of Progressive House, Trance, and Tech supplements that will provide you with all the essential elements you need all while boosting up that immune system to fight off any feelings of laziness to get that body moving and them feet dancing!


“I do not have much in my life, but take it, its yours.”
From everyone here at fourfourjunkie.com Thanking all the ears that hear these mixes.

Aqua De Limon @ The Bedroom – Dj Mix

Aqua De Limon is a Progressive House Mix compiled by your friendly neighborhood fourfourjunkie. Featuring music by Chris Schweizer, DC Prodject,  Amster Dyen, and many more!

Enjoy The Mix?

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