A Night Of Fun (Begin TranceMission)

A Night Of Fun (Begin TranceMission) @ The Bedroom

What is up everyone? And welcome back again to the fourfourjunkie podcast. Here is a mix that was inspired by a night out on a solo mission to fulfill my musical and dancing needs.
As much as I enjoy going out in a huge group, there is something about going solo that lets you take it all in even more.
It leads to inspiration my case.


“I do not have much in my life but take it its yours.”
From everyone here at fourfourjunkie.com Thanking all the ears that hear these mixes.

A Night Of Fun (Begin TranceMission) @ The Bedroom – Dj Mix

A Night Of Fun (Begin TranceMission) is a Progressive House Mix compiled by your friendly neighborhood fourfourjunkie. Featuring music by Borderline, Kristy Hawkshaw,  Susana, and many more!

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A Night Of Fun (Begin Trancemission) by Fourfourjunkie on Mixcloud

A Night Of Fun (Begin TranceMission) Mixed @ The Bedroom By FourFourJunkie

Playlist Time/Info

01.  00:00 – Kiholm – A Beginning Has An End (High Above Mix)

02.  08:15 – Jonny Burg – Beware Of Falling Objects (Original Mix)

03.  14:04 – Susana feat. Josh Gabriel – Frozen

04.  21:05 – Danilo Ercole – Wrong Place (Original Mix)

05.  28:07 – Kristy Hawkshaw – Outsider (Tenishia Remix)

06.  34:41 – Borderline – Obsession (Original Mix)

07.  41:20 – Dakota – Johnny The Fox (Barnes & Heatcliff Remix)

08.  47:53 – Nurettin Colak – Nevermind (Original Mix)

09.  53:13 – Lentos – Forget About Us (Barnes & Heatcliff)

10.  54:46 – Repton, Coldberg – Under The Stars feat. Joshua Wentz (Not Okay Remix)