Dancing Is Greater Than Politics

Dancing Is Greater Than Politics Live @ The Bedroom

This mix was conceived out of the need to let people know that music is mostly made for dancing, people are entitled to their point of views, when it comes to music the opinions stop there and the dancing begins. When it comes to music I feel everything should be let go, along with the inhibitions, and restraints of the daily mouse race. Then again that is just my point of view. ¬†ūüėČ

“I do not have much in my life but take it its yours.”
From everyone here at fourfourjunkie.com Thanking all the ears that hear these mixes.

Dancing Is Greater Than Politics Live @ The Bedroom – Dj Mix

Dancing Is Greater Than Politics is a Progressive House Mix compiled by your friendly neighborhood fourfourjunkie. Featuring music by POB, Arctic Moon,  Dakota, and many more!

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Dancing Is Greater Than Politics by Fourfourjunkie on Mixcloud

Dancing Is Greater Than Politics Mixed Live @ The Bedroom 12-19-2015 By FourFourJunkie

Playlist Time/Info

01. ¬†00:00 – POB –¬†Blue Bottle feat. DJ Patrick Reid (Original Mix)

02. ¬†07:03 – Beckers & Hatfield¬†–¬†Excuse (Weekend Heroes Remix)

03. ¬†12:50 – D.Ramirez & Mark Knight –¬†Colombian Soul (Gabriel & Dresden Mix)

04. ¬†19:14 – Nir Shoshani¬†–¬†Forkie (Manuel De La Mare Remix)

05. ¬†24:39 – Max Freegrant¬†–¬†Enjoy The Pain (Original Mix)

06. ¬†30:04 – Enrico De Luca¬†–¬†The Gadget (Original Mix)

07. ¬†34:30 – Fragma¬†–¬†Forever & A Day (Mark Simmons)

08. ¬†40:57 – Arctic Moon¬†–¬†Afterworld ¬†(Out Of Rand’s Emphased Mix)

09. ¬†47:23 – Dakota¬†–¬†Chinook (Original Mix)

10. ¬†54:46 –¬†Dakota –¬†Koolhaus ¬†(Skytech Stadium Mix)