Flowers On The Wall

Flowers On The Wall

This mix is dedicated to all my Wallflower’s at events who sit back and just observe it all at the same time they are having fun! This short but sweet mix sure is a strong one, made for putting on your favorite kicks to dance with and losing all inhibitions. I did have a ton of W&W Influence with this one as you can tell if you glance at the playlist. Thank you once again for your support.

Flowers On The Wall – Dj Mix

Flowers On the Wall is a Progressive house mix compiled by your friendly neighborhood fourfourjunkie. Feast your ears on this intense 4/4 on floor mix as he play’s some of your favorite featured artists: TyDi, Lange W&W, and a few more Thank you for tuning in, don’t forget to follow!


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Flowers On The Wall Mix By FourFourJunkie

01. One Way Ticket (Aaron Camz Remix) – Pete Drury (00:00)

02. Code Red – W&W (07:46)

03. Good Dream (Barnes & Heatcliff Remix) – TyDi (11:17)

04. Based On a True Story (Album Mix) – W&W (16:37)

05. Arena (Ben Gold Remix) – W&W (21:03)

06. Songless (Mark Sherry Outburst Remix) – Lange feat. Jennifer Karr (27:32)

07. Sunjaya (Original Mix) – Matthew Patterson (32:25)